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Interesting (long) discussion about the possible causes of the Buffalo airliner accident on PPrune.org (Professional Pilots Rumor Network). One comment in particular caught my eye.

In a 757 simulator, engine out situation, autothrottles off per checklist. I'm running the checklist, partner is PF. We're given a descent of 1000'. Done in FLCH after setting in lower next altitude in the Mode Control Panel. Descent started, my head goes back into the checklist, PF levels off, forgets to add thrust on the good engine. Yes, until stick shaker gets both of our attentions, followed by a half snap roll upside down. My partner, believe it, wrestled with it and got it upright. Sim instructor freezes the sim and we debrief. Said he has seen this scenario many times with the usual result being a crash.

We didn't crash but it took some fancy stick and rudder work. PF, "You have to watch your speed. Autothrottle as crutches are no longer available". PM, me, scolded for not paying attention to what PF was doing, head in checklist, cheerfully along for the ride. PF was a highly experienced pilot and an instructor on another jet with the company.
Lots of morals to this story, but I was paarticularly struck by the "check to the power" attitude because the other pilot was senior and experienced. I had a similar sobering experience where I allowed an experienced pilot to try to kill me because I was "cheerfully along for the ride." I vowed to always take that attitude that if I was in the cockpit I was responsible for the survial of the contents of the pink bag of flesh I call 'me.'


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