• One Way To Bring Down An Airliner (or not)

Here's [not*] what happens when a goose goes into a jet engine, as happened to US Airways Flight 1549 before it ditched in the Hudson. The video was taken during certification tests, and sent to me by a friend at the FAA.

*See comment below


  1. Yowsa!

    Yep that could explain the "Bang" experienced by passengers. And the resulting water divert.

    Always good stuff Tom.


  2. I know where I'm fly'n... ANYWHERE Cpt Sully an Crew are fly'n..

  3. That video is of a blade-failure test. There is an explosive charge at the base of one turbine blade that is detonated to cause the blade to separate. The test is to determine if the engine housing will contain all flying parts that result from the engine essentially shaking itself apart due to the imbalance.

    Maybe a goose would do that, and maybe not.

  4. Dang, this was was sent to me by the head of an FAA district office with a note saying it was a bird strike test. The note also said they used frozen birds which would be about like shooting cannon balls into the engine. Your version makes more sense. Modified the title and text accordingly.