• The Mercury 13: setting the story straight

This piece was written by a friend, Jim Oberg. We met when we were both teaching at the Department of Defense Computer Institute in Washington, DC back in the mid-'70s. He went on to work for NASA, is now a correspondent and commentator for MSNBC, and is a writer and consultant. As usual, his views are clear and incisive, and worth your time to read.

I worked at the Lovelace Foundation for Aerospace Medical Research in Albuquerque while in college at the University of New Mexico, and was a coauthor on a paper that reported the results of our research titled, "The physiologic consequences of exposure to high density pulsed electromagnetic energy."* You'll understand why that's relevant when you read the article.

The Mercury 13: setting the story straight

“. . . . press reports about the decades-old “exclusion of women from space” is based on total media credulity towards intentionally misleading press releases and websites, with the result that the real women and their real achievements are obscured by propaganda screeds designed to appeal to emotion and resentment."

Jerry Truhill flew B-25s and a pink P-51, among other aircraft.

*Int. J. Biometeorology. 12 (1968): 263-270.


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