• Huge Kalinin K-7 Bomber

Designed by World War I aviator Konstantin Kalinin with a wingspan greater than a B-52's and a much greater wing area, the K-7 was one of the biggest aircraft built before the jet age. It was only one engine short of the B-52 as well, having the curious arrangement of six pulling on the wing leading edge and one pushing at the rear.
The K-7's very brief first flight showed up instability and serious vibration caused by the airframe resonating with the engine frequency. The solution to this was thought to be to shorten and strengthen the tail booms, little being known then about the natural frequencies of structures and their response to vibration. On the 11th flight, during a speed test, the port tailboom vibrated, fractured, jammed the elevator and caused the giant aircraft to plough into the ground, killing 15.

Undaunted by this disaster, Kalinin's team began construction of two further K-7s in a new factory, but the vicissitudes of Stalin's Russia saw the project abandoned. In 1938 they arrested and executed Kalinin on trumped up espionage and sabotage charges.

With a little imagination someone took the concept to the logical, if not practical, extreme. (Click to enlarge).


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  2. It is the largest prop plane I have ever heard of or saw a photo of. I can't even believe that such a big and heavy thing can fly!

  3. Two different aircraft? One has above wing nacelles each with two engines and props. Dimensions?
    Thanks. I appreciate this
    Dave R