• Virtual Worlds

What an odd experience, something from Alice In Wonderland in a way.

I've been invited to join a group of people that I've never met, who are located all over the world

in places I've never been, to drive cars that don't exist on race tracks that are only simulated.

And it matters. That's the odd part.

It's all even stranger, somehow, when you consider 99.7% of the people I race against are younger than me (with a certain margin of wiseass error on the top end).

Would the Maserati brothers have understood?

They'd recognize a starting grid, I suppose. But the cars would look futuristic, to say the least. A company like Intel, of course, wasn't even in anyones wildest dreams. BMW, though, they would recognize. They made aircraft engines back in the Maserati boy's day (thats' where the stylized propeller logo came from).

And they certainly wouldn't be able to grasp, pre-telephone folks that they were, the communication technology involved, never mind the computers.


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